Creating our own history...


Manufacture and commercialization of synthetic leather products with the best quality and technology.


Innovation and service to meet with efficiency our client’s necessities.




Business well known and leader in the leather synthetic market, assuming our commitment with our clients and the environment offering product free of lead.


· Quality             · Responsability       · Honesty


· Cordiality       · Respect                  · Humility





To contribute and generate values added to our clients to allow us to have customs alliances of loyalty fundament in our values as a company.





Creaciones Plasticas San Francisco, S.A. de CV. manufacture devoted to make and sale synthetic leather for  the shoes industry.


We start up in san Francisco Del Rincon, Gto, in 1989, with our funders, Mr. Jose de Jesus Barron and Mrs. Silvia Diaz, and the furnace which the produce was made. The factory had 180 employees.


With time our company reached a excellent growth for which we translated our company to a bigger place at Rancho Creplas, where we establish our new factory, investing with the latest Italian  technology  (PRIMEC) this had permitted us to elevate our standards of quality in our production.


After five years, we moved to the city of Leon Gto. In 2003,thanks to the demand of our products and a constant growth we started to implement systems of improvement continently. Process that gradually had been improving and perfect to offer the best products to our clients.


A long our history, Creplas had achieved a great team of work, capable and professional. Involved with the values, mission and vision of our organization, support by the quality of our products. A prove of this is the price of "Distinctive Guanajuato crece” y Mexican Sourcing given to our company in December 14, 2004.


Thanks to the effort, Grupo Creplas is a solid and vigilant organization in the industry of synthetic leather in the national and international market.